Evergreen_Sun_Power_icon32.jpgSolar Power

is an abundant source of clean, renewable energy in our sun-rich state.

Evergreen_Sun_Power_icon32.jpgSolar Power

will reduce your carbon footprint and the growth of greenouse gases helping to preserve our  beautiful environment.

Evergreen_Sun_Power_icon32.jpgSolar Power

will enhance the value of your home, reduce you utility bill and increase you energy self reliance.

NOW May Be As Good as it Gets for Going Solar

Written by Hank Kaanta  co owner

WHY?  The Federal Tax credit reduces your net cost by 30%. And, currently (January 2014), Xcel pays individual home owners $.06/kWh for EVERY kWh your system generates for 10 years! 

So, with Colorado's sunny weather, you can continue to pay Xcel, – or your PV system can earn about $30 - $112 per month MORE than your Xcel bill. Call Evergreen Sun Power to find out how many homeowners have found solar power a financially smart move in addition to being environmentally beneficial.

Evergreen Sun Power is a local company whose owners, Dennis Beaver and Hank Kaanta have over 15 years of experience and over 150 solar electric systems designed and installed.  They will be happy to make a free visit to your home or business to asses the potential for you to save money by harnessing the sun.

They will perform a free solar evaluation and money savings assessment for your home or business.  Evergreen Sun Power is especially adept at optimizing solar value in the mountains where partially shaded sites are common.

Hank (co-owner, business development) can be reached at 303-674-4377 or hank@evergreensunpower.com.